Let us introduce ourselves

At KBenP we value information. Our organization strongly believes in the credo: independent advice, powerful implementations. You benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the areas of information management, IT and digital transformation. Our 100 consultants, 40 associates and 80 instructors are happy to assist you.

Our customers operate in the commercial sector as well as in the nonprofit domain. We have been working for most of these clients for more than 5 years.

The services that we provide and the solutions we deliver, directly strengthen our customers, in their businesses, processes and way of working.


‘Digital transformation’ is the current trend. Increasingly, organizations set ‘digital’ as a strategic element in their value proposition, customer experience, operations and collaborative activities. This transformation is an ongoing process. New technologies and capabilities are continually making better ways of working possible. Organizations are constantly striving to further develop their professional working environment and tools. Through the never-ending improvement in the applications of IT, people will increasingly come into their own and be able to add value in areas where the machine is still unable to. The vision of KBenP is to play a prominent role in these developments.


KBenP’s sphere of activity is the delivery of services for working in the digital environment. We help our customers with the process of reorientation and ongoing redesign and restructuring of their working environment and tools. In this way they can continually improve their value proposition, customer experience, operation and collaboration with partners. It is the mission of KBenP to be leaders in our field through our professionalism, activities, pragmatism, result-driven approach, wealth of knowledge and experience. KBenP continually strengthens its entrepreneurial and innovative culture by connecting with the best specialists.

KBenP: Past and Present


Our goals in 2023 are:

  • Strengthening our one-stop-shop approach: rapid analysis, tangible solutions, sustainable improvement
  • Expansion of our services in the areas of Big Data, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence
  • Further innovation and expansion in the range of training courses offered by GO Opleidingen and GO | School for Information in the Netherlands  and internationally
  • Share trends and innovations with the market via breakfast sessions and symposia​​​​​


2022: KBenP starts OpdrachtOverheid.nl
2021: KBenP BI starts Analyze.nl and DigiTest joins G-Workplace
2020: Services 100% online during COVID-19 pandemic
2019: KBenP celebrates 20th anniversary
2018: Second office in the Netherlands (Utrecht) and more than150 employees
2017: New Business Unit specialized in UX-design, Ability, joins the KBenP group
2016: Software Development specialists Smartshore and Google professionals G-workplace join the KBenP group
2015: Start of consultancy activities in the area of Business Intelligence
2014: Acquisition of Reekx - information specialists in cultural heritage
2013: Establishment of Fairpoint Cooperation, specialists in MS SharePoint
2012: Start of consultancy in the area of Case Oriented Working
2011: KBenP relocates to ‘De Symfonie’ office block on the N14 in Voorburg
2010: KBenP begins working according to the ideas of Eckart Wintzen
2009: KBenP achieves growth despite economic recession
2008: GO Opleidingen joins the KBenP group, effective January 1st 2009
2007: KBenP sets up the KBenP Associates community
2006: KBenP reaches the milestone of 100 employees
2005: Start of specialization in Search Solutions, partnerships with Google and Microsoft
2004: KBenP sets up offices at Huize Middenburg aan de Vliet and Het Koetshuis
2003: KBenP is company of the year in the The Hague area
2002: Startup of the KBenP Academie (now part of GO Opleidingen)
2001: KBenP is co-founder of the Records Management Convention
2000: Kees Koenen and Paul Baak establish KBenP

Our expertise


Customer interaction, UX and design
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Case oriented working
Effective collaboration
Information search and retrieval
Document and Records Management
Information security and authorization


Apache Solr, Lucidworks Fusion
Elastic (and KBenP Search)
Open Source


Guidance on procurement
Interim and Change Management
Deployment of professionals
Realisation of solutions
Maintenance, hosting and outsourcing
Training and courses (including in-company training)